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“Each Comcar company sets their requirements based on the rules governing the states in which they operate and specific safety requirements of the types of materials carried.”

> We offer rewarding careers and opportunities for life

Truck drivers are vital to our country, and no one knows this better than COMCAR. What makes the difference to our drivers is the continuum of life approach we take to their careers and their lives.

Careers run in natural cycles. There is a time for learning, a time to build proficiency, a time to build wealth and a time to prepare for retirement.

In addition, during anyone’s career internal and external life events or circumstances can and do play a role in how and what we decide is in our best interest relative to our work, our careers, where we live, our family life, our health, even the friends we enjoy.

Comcar’s unique capabilities to combine its subsidiaries into a collective environment where drivers can spend their entire careers making career changes as they determine what is best for them and their families makes it a great company for which to work and from which to retire.

As one of the nation’s oldest and largest truck companies, we focus on safety, as well as our employers and owner-operators’ commitment. Thousands of drivers on the road have experienced the Comcar difference. We offer our drivers an unlimited selection of opportunities, stability, compensation and the recognition they deserve to keep them connected to their lives.

Home Time.

Comcar knows that you need to spend time at home and with your family, and we’ll do our best to get you there when you need to be quickly.

Through the diversity of its affiliate companies, Comcar offers varying lengths of time on the road. Some of our drivers travel a few hundred miles and return the same day, while others are away from home overnight or for several days or weeks at a time.


Each of the Comcar trucking subsidiaries is proud of its highly professional drivers, and we show our appreciation for all of our drivers by offering them excellent career opportunities and benefits that make Comcar a place from which they will want to retire.

Company drivers can rely on Comcar trucking subsidiaries
for the following benefits:

  • Health Insurance
  • Prescription Plan
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical Expense out of Pre-tax Dollars
  • Dependent Child Care out of
    Pre-tax Dollars
  • Vacation
  • Holiday Pay
  • 401 (k) Plan
  • Direct Deposit
  • Service Award Program
  • Safe Driving Award Program
  • Vision
  • Dental Insurance
Pay Scale.

Working as a company driver or independent operator for one of the Comcar subsidiaries is one of the best things you can do for your pocketbook. First-year drivers can make as much as $30,000, depending upon which affiliate you work for and the type of freight hauled.

Types of Freight.

Comcar trucking companies are able to provide customers a tremendous array of services. Our subsidiaries feature dry van, refrigerated, flatbed and tanker trailers. In fact, our wide variety of equipment types allows us to haul virtually any type of product. What this means to drivers is choices; drivers can choose what types of freight transportation best suit their career objectives.


At Comcar, we know your rig is your home away from home, so we provide excellent equipment. All of our trucks are late-model Volvo or Freightliner tractors, with AM/FM cassette stereos, cruise control, and Air Ride. Our trucks are strong, but give you a very smooth ride.

Qualcomm, a satellite-based technology and vehicle tracking system, is used for continuous communication between dispatchers and drivers.

Available career opportunities and information may be viewed at the following COMCAR trucking websites:

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