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" The company has built its success on
the principle of keeping all of its stakeholders Connected to those things they value the most."

> A collection of experienced companies

Comcar Industries, Inc. started as a singular family-owned trucking company that has become one of the transportation industry’s leading group of freight carriers. Originally founded by Guy Bostick in 1953 as Commercial Carrier Corporation in Auburndale, Florida, the company has built its success on the principle of keeping all of its stakeholders Connected to those things they value most.

Today, Comcar has grown into five separate trucking companies, in addition to five logistics companies covering the 48 contiguous states and operating 53 strategically located terminals. These companies are now led by Bostick’s son, Mark. Mark has grown up within the company where he started at age 14 sweeping floors and other duties. After his graduation with an MBA from Tulane University, he became Director of Purchasing for Commercial Carrier Corporation and later became President of Comcar Industries in 1989. Mark is committed to the idea that being a freight shipping company is only a part of our story - with more than 4500 Comcar employees and contractors located throughout the United States, our people provide freight shipping and logistics services that keep our customers Connected and coming back year after year. And, our employees keep the companies growing.

> A vision of industry leadership

Comcar companies are leaders in the transportation and logistics industries, providing the best and safest service in their niches, working with the best customers, engaging the best co-workers and partnering with the best vendors to maximize and ensure long-term success.

We will grow our vision of Comcar having the highest quality of people Connected to all our companies, customers, communities and their families.

> Connected to profitability

Our mission is to profitably grow Comcar Industries and the individual companies through the connection of their long-term customer relationships. We will do this by hiring the best people to safely deliver our customers’ products, while providing unparalleled service, transportation and logistical solutions for our customers.

Accomplishing our mission will keep all of our customers, drivers, employees and partners Connected to the things that keep them safe and make them successful.

> Connected to family values

We promise to be guided by the family values inherent in our history and to keep our companies’ employees safe throughout their work experience. We pledge to incorporate a "Connected to Life" approach to managing the career activities of our companies’ employees and keeping them Connected to their hopes and dreams.

> Connected to partners

Offer a service “unique and creative enough” to partner with customers and become their sole or top provider while achieving the #1 or the #2 provider status in every niche of our various businesses.

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